ROOTS Magazine

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ROOTS Magazine is a travel magazine intended for avid young travelers, students on study abroad, and people who view traveling not as a weekend trip but a long term immersion into a new or different culture. Each issue features a different city across the globe. The cover features a work of art that is integral to the history of the city, the David for Florence, and a piece of the Berlin Wall for Berlin.  The table of contents is a functioning fold out map and each article in the issue corresponds to a specific place in the city. 



Problem: Senior Capstone: Create a Magazine with three feature articles, table of contents, covers for the first and second issue, and collateral. 

Role: Ideation, Design and Creation. 



For my senior capstone I decided to create a travel magazine. I spent the fall of my junior year abroad in Florence Italy, and it quickly changed my perspective of the world and what it means to travel. I found that in order to really get a sense of a new culture, it’s essential to the stay more than a few days. You begin to become part of the fabric of the community and start to form connections; you begin to lay down roots.



In addition to the magazine itself, I designed a series of Moleskine notebooks. There are four of them below, each featuring a different region of the world. They are meant to be purchased as travel journals to write down memories, do some sketching, paste photos, etc., all in the same place.  My favorite thing about them is that they each have a scratch off map of the region, allowing you to keep track of all the places you've been with the satisfaction of scratching off another location.