Corporate Website 


Frequency Networks Inc. is a software company that has designed a video platform for global distribution. Digital first content providers (think Tastemade and The Pet Collective) can work with us, and use our software to package their video content and have it distributed to the largest television providers in the United States and Europe. Having not been updated in 3 years and being the public facing image of the company, it needed a full overhaul. I orchestrated discussions about the business model and the best way to present it to a broad audience. I designed the layout and illustrations to communicate the complex, technology based system in an approachable way. 



Role: Designer and Developer

Problem: Design a new corporate website for Frequency Networks Inc to attract new clients, announce product releases, update our image, and redefine our place in the market. 

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Being that this was my first major project as lead, I was anxious to do a stellar job and get it out the door quickly. But as anyone who has worked for a startup knows, things change and move at lightning speed. As half of our 2 person design team, this project got put on the back burner a lot, but that was okay and expected. I found myself frustrated on more than one occasion when I had to step away to help design our content management system (you can view that here). In the end, it ended up being incredibly beneficial to the design process. I was able to explore different styles and create something that really works for us.

Boat Load of Options.png

When I say we went through a lot of different options, I don’t just mean stylistically. Our business was at a very transitive time. We started to put the horse before the carriage; we started building a marketing site before we knew definitively what our business model was. A big part of my being the lead on this project was getting the higher ups to have those conversations so we could all move forward. Once a road map for the business was created, we moved forward in a more concise design direction.

Redacted screens in sketch_Clipped.png

We tried going down the path of stock imagery, we tried illustration and iconography, we tried screenshots of our product, and everything in-between. It became important to let the content management system speak for itself. My boss and I worked to design a beautiful set of tools and to try and create something divergent from that felt distracting and like the wrong direction. Ultimately what worked the best was an illustrative style to convey our services, and screenshots of our product in custom flat device illustrations.